Hugo land purchase agreement approved by School Board

At its August 12 regular meeting, the White Bear Lake Area School Board approved two purchase agreements for land in Hugo that recently became available. The purchase agreements are contingent upon a successful bond referendum on November 5 that would allow the district to build a new K-5 elementary school in Hugo, convert Oneka from grades 2-5 to a K-5 elementary, and convert Hugo Elementary from grades K-1 elementary to a northern Early Childhood location. 

The additional space will help to meet the demands of projected enrollment growth throughout the district, with homes being turned over to young families in the southern part of the district and new homes being built in the northern part of White Bear Lake Area Schools. The district projects more than 2,000 new students will enroll during the next ten years due to housing growth, which is 25% higher than current capacity. This is on top of more than 7% growth since 2010.

Prior purchase agreements approved by the School Board in December 2018 and January 2019 have been rescinded in order to enter into purchase agreements for the parcels of land that recently became available north of the Hugo Post Office. The land under consideration will better meet the needs of the District for a variety of reasons including site location and access, total acreage, quality of soil, and anticipated overall cost.

The two purchase agreements approved by the Board are identified as PID # located in the City of Hugo, County of Washington, State of Minnesota, and PID # located in the City of Hugo, County of Washington, State of Minnesota. 

More information about the Bond Referendum, including the planning process that led to the committee’s recommendation, can be found at

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